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It has been just over two months now since Seath was taken from us. While we regret 
not being able to communicate sooner, we are very sure that it can be understood why. 
Please do not think for even a moment that we have not felt that need to speak before 
this, but the combined circumstances in this tragedy were to say the least overwhelming. 

However, even more overwhelming and so very comforting to us has been the caring 
concern, love and support from not only our neighbors and community, but from persons 
we have never met before from every state across America and so many countries 
literally around the world. We can only say, "Thank you" which does not seem adequate 
to us. We would add that every condolence and sympathy given to us since this 
completely blindsiding situation, together with the events and tributes for Seath have 
been heartwarming as they are reassuring and strengthening to us in a deeply personal 

We would especially like to thank the Marion County Sheriffs Office, among other law 
enforcement agencies that they have had to and continue to do with other agencies and 
services within the state. We appreciate our member of congress, Mr. Stearns and our 
senator, Mr. Rubio, for sending the flag from the United States Capitol in memory of 
Seath. We so appreciate State Representative Dennis Baxley and his son Justin of Hiers- 
Baxley Funeral Homes for helping us to further remember Seath with dignity and respect 
We are honestly stunned by the kindnesses of all of the community businesses, facilities, 
musicians, churches and volunteers who have done so much in such a short time. Thank 
you all for reaching out to us, his brothers and our extended family. 

At this time we would like to speak personally about who our youngest son really was. 
Like so many others he was a typical teenager. In addition to his parents, siblings and 
other family members he had a lot of close friends that have always cared about him. He 
attended public schools where he met a lot of his friends. We need to make it very clear- 
while he was still growing and strong Seath was never an abuser o^a bully. He liked to ' 
make people laugh and would stand up for those who were laughed at. He was kind 
hearted and he would help friends and even their parents. He stood up for many, even the 
ones that he did not know at a favorite hand out spot in The Villages. Seath loved and 
cared for animals. He loved four-wheeling with family and friends. He did not go far 
from home without his bike. 

Seath was not the type to hold out his hand for money, instead he would ask, "Can I wash 
your car or mow your yard?" He filled flower beds with dirt, shovel by shovel and took 
down an old deck with the help of a friend to get a puppy that he wanted. He built his 
own club house with help from his 2 year old nephew. He would keep the younger 
siblings of his friends company and give them attention. For those of you that really knew 
Seath, you have seen his soft side. 

His dream was to some day be a champion in the UFC circuit. He was a talented fighter 
however, due to his young age he was not yet qualified to receive professional training or 

coaching. We had already made plans to enroll him in professional training at the age of 
18. Seath experienced the same adolescent anguish and peer pressure that most all teens 
go through. We know however, that with his own diligence, parental guidance and or 
course, some help from God he would have grown to be a productive citizen and good 
man here on earth. Our faith makes it possible that he must have been needed more 
above, or has already fulfilled a greater purpose. His loss broke so many hearts beyond 
ours that there will be an awakening of the great need to Stop Evil Abuse Trauma and 
Hate (SEATH) that our children have to face during already hard times. 

In closing, we would like to extend our gratitude to the media for respecting our privacy 
and continuing to do so and for giving us the time and space we need to face a reality that 
no parent should ever have to face as we continue with our healing process. We know 
that God will have the last word in all of this and it will be good. To everyone who has 
shown so much to us in the very difficult time, thank you again for loving and 
remembering our son, Seath Tyler Jackson. 


His parents: Scott and Sonia Jackson 
His brothers: Scott Jr and Stephan Jackson